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Watch “Pay Before Service” on YouTube

It is one of the most common and critical situation that needs to be looked into,so many people are dying because of this act of negligence and inhuman attitude. Africa is a not a third word continent let’s not behaves has one. This is our reality;this our story. This is how our brother die. Who are we to blame the government, Doctors or the patient.Watch and comment.

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Don’t Reopen Lekki Tollgate

The protesters demand for justice with respect to the massacre on 20th of October,2020.

The massive told Nigerian government not to reopen Lekki Tollgate concerning the crime that has been committed.

See videos of what happened

Protesters in Black Maria packed like garbage

*See Maltreatment*
Protesters arrested at Lekki Tollgate because they were telling the government their mind

Insecurity all over my mother’s land