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Watch “Gbenga’s Confusion” on YouTube

It is a must to watch Gbenga’s Confusion to see and hear for yourself what he said on his birthday

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Olufreshchannel Celebrate

Today on your special day Just bow down on your knees and pray That you get what you want in life That you never ever have to strive Your happiness is your means in life Your prayer has the power to make you happy Wishing a delightful birthday to you Have a blessed year all the way and through! From Olufreshchannel

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Watch “Meet Serah Now Savage (Olufreshchannel Celebrate)” on YouTube

Meet Sarah whom I Ioves to call Serah , she is one of my course mate from Plateau State Polytechnic,Jos.Nigeria now a business tycoon.
Don’t joke with me I have a Lawyer 😂😂😂😂
Her love for basketball and dancing; no be for here, check her out today she has alots in stock for you

Savage the basketballer
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No makeup

Life is not fair but God is always and forever just

Sarah Savage